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This 1:1 sessions is for YOU if you:

  •  want to Stop MASKING who you really are to please other people.

  •  want to Stop the THOUGHTS of :
    "There is something wrong with me” and “ I am unworthy of love or belonging.

  • want to learn to LIVE from God’s perspective of who you are.

  • want to be FREE from feeling like you are a problem or constantly doing wrong.

MM Session Details:

  • Limited slots available.

    Offering 1:1 coaching session

    Our One-One Session Include

    * One Session for One Hour (60 mins)

    * One-On-One Inner Healing (soul) Work

    * Diffcult Conversation About the Mother Wounds, Father Wounds, Marriage & Family Wounds.

    * Mentoring Moments : Share wisdom & insight from my life experience

    *Counseling & Book Recommendations

    * A Plan of Action to move you forward in your Personal & Spiritual Development.


  • Questons Email:


    Once registration is complete you will send a link to schedule you session.

Mentor Moments

  • due to the nataure of the Live teaching "NO REFUND

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