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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

In today’s show, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jene Walker.

Dr. Jene is a Leader’s coach, speaker, entrepreneur, writer and minister. She believes that her life’s purpose is to guide and transition leaders from one level of leadership to the next.

Dr. Jene has found and established her life’s calling and vision in empowering leaders in diverse sectors, ranging from business to education, church and even prison inmates.

She’s self-driven by the goal to achieve legendary leadership status through mentoring great leaders into existence.

Ministering to prison inmates

It was strange and difficult for Dr. Jene to unravel why God directed her into ministering and mentoring prison inmates, more so, male prison inmates. However, determined to fulfill God’s will, Jene decided to answer the call.

And just like that, God strategically placed a church minister who at the time was the Chaplain at McCormick, South Carolina Correctional Institution.

The Chaplain offered Jene his full guidance and support to a point he relinquished his roles in order for Jene to unleash her full power and potential.

After moving to her hometown of Waycross, Georgia, Jene gladly applied for a similar position at the local Ware State Prison Institution.

It was at Ware State Prison that Jene actualized - - the new curriculum that God provided her with. Re-Made being an acronym for;

R - Renew the mind

E - Evolve into greater

M - Master your gifts

A - Adapt without conforming

D - Discover your identity

E - Elevating your purpose

Jene used Joseph’s story in the bible as the foundation towards her new curriculum.

She was set on a plan to re-invent her students into being the kings and conquerors that God had made them to be.

And despite experiencing setbacks in form of; Standardization of the information she was allowed to teach & share, and lack of enough learning materials, Jene testifies that being a part of those inmates' lives and watching them metamorphosis into what God had set them to be is one of the most powerful things she’s had the pleasure of experiencing.

Tracing the root of cultural sufferings in today’s society.

Unfortunately, only a few interests are represented and promoted in the curriculum that is taught in our schools.

A lot of African-American History has either been omitted or completely left out in the information that is delivered in schools.

This translates to a harsh and unjust system of education for a lot of male African-American students. And that is why poor grades, regular suspension and disinterest in education are a norm in the African-American community.

This form of social, cultural and economic oppression has been taking place for years, being passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the spirit slavery and setbacks has always been a part of the black community mindset in America.

Coupled with rejection from their fathers who are also victims of oppression, this has set the stage for numerous young black teenagers to end up in prison due to poor life choices.

Pervasion is a vice that has also caused so many young men and women from our culture to indulge in all sorts of immoral behaviour due to lack of insight as to who they are and what their life purpose is.

Ofcourse, to see this, you have to be willing to let go of your preconceived conceptions and open your eyes to the invincible structures of impunity that have over the years been a means to oppress the African-American Community.

Dr. Jene has made it her life’s mission to reveal such truths and help in the re-invention and re-construction of the victims of this system. By helping and transforming male prison inmates into realising their full potential and metamorphosis into what God created them to be - Kings and Conquerors!

Healing and learning from her experience

Just like many women who have been victims of rejection, trauma and heartbreaks. Dr. Jene has also had her experience in the form of rejection from a former boyfriend she gave her all to.

‘I gave a boyfriend, husband privileges.’ She recalls.

And God, being the jealous God He is, used Jene’s rejection by her boyfriend as a pivoting point, and was able to humble and refocus Jene’s priority on Him.

Alone and broken, Jene was able to reflect on her life and realise that her mindset was what held her back. She lacked self-worth and didn’t believe that she was worthy of being somebody’s wife.

Having learnt from her previous experience, Jene decided to never again give that kind of intimate insight to a man that is not her husband - Unless it’s in training capacity.

She learnt to let go and shift when life takes a turn. She learnt to change your mindset and perspectives in accordance to your environment.

Jene then used this valuable lesson as the foundation to her new Leadership business. And she’s now set on empowering fellow women into manifesting success and happiness into their lives through these very principles.


(01:35) Ministering to male prison inmates

(08:56) Backroot cause of modern society’s injustices

(10:44) Today’s slavery of the African American community

(13:50) Leadership calling from a young age.

(16:33) Self-awareness mindset as taught by her father

(18:01) Servant mindset as taught by her mother

(21:42) Metamorphosing from life’s setbacks

(12:27) Leadership lessons from working as teacher

(30:15) Healing and growing from her trauma experience

(35:30) How to break free from the bondages of mental slavery

(38:12) Running for accounting board in Georgia District one.


  • Leadership is vast, and transferable. The leader in you never changes, it’s at the core of who you are.

  • Always be aware of how people perceive you.

  • Just as everything has it’s time, teaching and learning is seasonal.

  • You have to dig deep down inside you and determine the origin of your mental bondage. Because that is the beginning of your freedom.

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