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Reva is passionate and driven to serve women so they can  prosper from their pain because she was once emotionally and spiritually wounded. Reva grew up with domestic violence, dysfunctional relationships, and generational curses was the normal. 

She doesn't want other women to allow their past to effect their future. This is why Mending Pieces Inner Healing Programs was created. A healing program that empowers women to move past their hurts and pains by understanding who they are and understanding the lessons behind what they went through.

Ask yourself the questions below:

If three of these questions are true in your life, then the  Mending Pieces Inner Healing Course is for you:

1. Are You quick to criticize yourself, and you feel guilty when others are not satisfied with you?

2. Are There memories that you blocked because they cause too much shame and emotional pain when you remember them?

3. Is it hard To express love and affection? Or, it could be that you do not express it enough, or you express it too much to the point of making people uncomfortable?

4. Do You feel like you don't belong anywhere and nobody understands you?

5. Do You think that you do not deserve good things to happen for your life?

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